An analytical approach to marketing and communications

Alexander Antic

Alexander Antic

Alexander Antic is the founder of He previously held various senior positions in the financial services industry.
Alexander graduated in Law from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Marketing and communications traditionally have been a playing field for creatives. What can lead to successful products and campaigns often also ends up in an activity that is detached from economic and business reality.

We believe in challenging traditional concepts. Having been involved professionally with the internet since 1993, the founder of is applying the same caution to digital marketing and social media.

It usually takes a nuanced and data-driven approach to remain credible and consistent throughout a client journey. In addition to applying critical, context-relevant thinking to a situation, we do not shy away from tapping the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology to augment our thinking, and our clients’ approach.

Which means crunching data, performing A/B testing, or using psychometric approaches to tailor messaging to the decision makers of a transaction. We adapt methods used by Hollywood screenwriters so our clients can capture and keep their audience’s attention. And then apply methods used by intelligence services and law enforcement to help clients qualify conversations and shape decisions.