You look for additional revenue opportunities. Clients that stay with you. Faster time to market for new products. Lower marketing overhead. Or simply an operational setup where sales outgrow costs.

Imagine having access to modular solutions that enable you to achieve those goals. And having the freedom to tap into skills and expertise that complement your own, only when you need them.

That’s what we specialize in. So you can consistently punch above your weight.



Help clients to increase their market presence and boost their revenue. Support and coordinate their business growth with interim management capabilities, and flexible operations outsourcing. We passionately support small entrepreneurs and innovators. And we pledge to devote up to 10% of our time to charitable causes.

Team is a venture by Alexander Antic, a Switzerland-based entrepreneur, marketer, and lawyer. He acts as mandate lead and assembles every client team for skill, experience, speed and cultural fit. The pool of specialists, referred to as ‘we’ on this site, can include data scientists, editors, social media experts, designers, developers, and lawyers.


Industry focus

Financial services, legal services, healthcare, aerospace, and other selected industries where traditional business models face disruption and regulatory constraints to business development and operations. We strongly believe in not only speaking our clients‘ language but in understanding what drives their industry.

Business stage focus

Start-up, growth, and turnaround situations. Both long-term assignments and project-based work, such as corporate actions, product launches and campaigns. Because we believe that we can perform exceptionally well for clients in those situations.


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