Why antic.com

Why antic.com

Analytic approach.

Marketing and communications traditionally has been a playing field for creatives. What can lead to successful products and campaigns often also ends up in activity that is detached from economic reality.

We believe in challenging the status quo. Having been involved professionally with the internet since 1993, the founder of antic.com is applying the same caution to today’s cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing and social media.

It takes a nuanced, data-driven approach to remain credible and consistent throughout a client journey. In addition to applying critical, context-relevant thinking to a situation, we do not shy away from tapping the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology to augment our thinking, and our clients’ approach.

Which means crunching data, performing A/B testing, or using psychometric approaches to micro-target the various decision makers in a complex transaction. We adapt methods used by Hollywood screenwriters so our clients can capture and keep their audience’s attention. And then apply methods used by intelligence services and law enforcement so clients can qualify conversations and shape decisions in their favor.


Content done right drives brand visibility and differentiation. It is the life blood of any marketing and public relations activity. It makes every sales effort more productive. And keeps clients assured that they have made the right choice.

Content managed right results in substantial cost savings throughout an organization. Because it frees up subject matter experts so they can focus on their key responsibilities.

For us, being content-centric means establishing a foundation of deep technical information and data. And then backward-engineering all other content from there. Often to the first touch-points of your brand.

The benefits of this approach are strong client attention and consistency of message throughout the customer journey.

This thinking goes far beyond traditional content marketing. It requires knowledge about the industry, about products and structures, and at times even about the context of a specific transaction.

Value on demand.

Around a core of key capabilities, we activate specialist resources to address your business challenges as they occur. As a client, you get exactly what you require and only pay for what you use. 

No need to support our expensive infrastructure. Because we don’t need one. Our organization adapts around each and every mandate. It is flexible and decentralized. And with a very low fixed cost base. 

We believe we have figured out how service organizations should be operated most effectively. So you can stop making compromises between quality of service and cost.

Speed as strategy.

We are all for making strategic decisions. How to prioritize and deploy money, talent and technology beyond the daily business. Of course, it makes sense to know where you’re going, before you get going!

Experience teaches us, however, that even the best ideas and planning rarely survive the first contact with reality. This is true in battle, as it is true in today’s disruptive and increasingly fluid business climate.

To address this reality, we incorporate Agile concepts into our project management. Which means doing ‘sprints’ that get clients fast results. It enables us to quickly adapt a solution, deploy, and optimize it. 

A welcome side-effect: your IT developers will enjoy working with us.


Even if you are that big, publicly listed company, you will rarely have all the skills and resources in-house for world-class marketing. 

Our approach takes the hassle out of selecting, briefing and coordinating a bunch of various specialized agencies. We complement your abilities and activate specialized skills when needed.

You deal with one counterparty. One point of contact. And enjoy seamless coordination with internal project team members across your organization. 

Ever felt running your service providers reminded you of herding a bag of fleas? Not anymore.

24/7 access.

When did it last occur to you that your presentation team’s operating hours have little overlap with your workday schedule?

We have a solution for this. Imagine handing ideas, snippets, recordings over to us. We will debrief you, and even make the process enjoyable for you. And, as you wake up the next day, fresh and rested, a draft presentation is in your mailbox. We are happy to do this for a variety of other key support functions ranging from client service to reporting. 

Let us work some magic while you spend time with people that matter to you. Or with your yoga mat.

Peace of mind.

Sometimes, work relationships don’t develop as expected. Most of us have been in situations where we wished we could part ways with a supplier without further impact to the organization.

Working with us should be as risk-less as possible. This is why our mantra of providing value up-front is way more than a marketing statement.  

We usually offer potential clients a workshop or consultation before entering into an agreement. In addition to getting concrete ideas that can be implemented, they will get solid insights into our thinking and approach. If they don’t like what they experience, they always have an elegant way out.

For you this means that, should you feel uncomfortable during any phase of a project, you can simply stop it. No reason required. Not only will we return any materials and data as per contract. We also commit to a detailed handover that ensures you can continue exactly where we left off.

While we never had a project called on us, it is still good to know that you easily could.

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