Value proposition

Value proposition

Executive level value at a fraction of junior level expenditure.

Obviously, nothing replaces the brute force of a multi-million dollar marketing budget. Our focus, however, is on owner-led, entrepreneurial clients who would rather spend their revenue on building their investment team and capabilities.

Our mission is to let every client punch above their weight. Consequently, we have structured our offering so that resources are a) rigorously applied where they have the most effect, and b), enforcing carefully calibrated quality standards. 

In short, our services usually can be budgeted at a fraction of the internal cost of one junior level employee. In return, you get the firepower equivalent of a small, highly skilled team with 18 years of alternative investment experience. Plus access to C-level expertise and entrepreneurial pragmatism. Deduct from that the internal cost and burden of hiring, educating and supervising that junior employee.

Cost-optimization with years of near- and offshoring experience.

Our mantra is to try to mentally “put ourselves out of business” before others do it in real life. Every day, this self-critical approach reminds us to deliver value in everything we do. But there’s more to it.

Many are tempted to use a freelancer to shave off costs where they can. There are at least as many stories of how this has gone spectacularly wrong. As always, the reality is more nuanced.

To keep implementation/execution costs low, we have optimized our use of freelancers from Upwork, 99designs etc. over the years. With our fair share of lessons learned in selecting, briefing, supervising, and quality controlling behind us, we can confidently claim that we have engineered a routine that works for our clients.

In short, we have a good sense of when and what to outsource. And when we do, there are no hidden markups. You will even get copies of the receipts.

Let us conduct a value calculation that is relevant to you. Request a call-back from Alexander today.