Interim management solutions

There may be a temporary absence of a team leader/senior specialist.

Or a team head has unexpectedly vacated their position, and your company is not one to rush the recruiting and training of a replacement. Maybe because further changes to the organization are imminent.

Imagine you had someone to step in, take charge, and successfully bridge these situations.


Solutions for critical corporate transitions

Alexander personally provides highly flexible interim management solutions for critical transitions in the financial services sector. For as little as a few days, weeks or months. Until a permanent solution is found.

He focuses on situations that require skills that go beyond generic management. In today’s flat organizations, leadership, functional skills, and industry expertise are equally important.

Industry expertise informs the strategic thinking. Functional skills are key to understanding and framing complex problems, and they improve decision-making. Finally, leadership ensures that strategies and concepts actually get executed.

Alexander’s core areas of competence in the financial services space include product development & legal structuring, digital and traditional marketing with a focus on content, proposals, communications & PR, social media, and client services.

Leadership, functional skills, industry expertise

Prior to his current role, Alexander headed Marketing & Communications for a leading Swiss-based Private Equity manager.

Before that, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for a multi-strategy hedge fund group. In that role, he was responsible for marketing, client services, proposals/RFPs, corporate and product legal, compliance, HR, IT and strategic projects at the group and individual company level.

Alexander entered the financial services industry in 2002 where he initially worked in various senior business development related functions at one of the largest FTSE-listed global asset managers.

Alexander holds a Law degree (lic. iur.) from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.


Service continuity and preservation of team morale

Transition periods, regardless of their context or duration, are critical. Internal and external clients will patiently take in all announcements. And yet worry about getting the service they have come to rely upon. Projects will either face delays, or, in the case of those where other company entities are in the lead, continue without the affected team being heard.

And in challenging corporate situations, even a short absence of team leadership can cause a team’s spirit to dramatically take a turn for the worse. In such situations, team members may even start looking at other job opportunities.

Alexander’s interim management offering deals with these risks head-on, by ensuring continuity of high-quality service to internal and external clients, preventing additional staff turnover, and preserving team morale.

Traction from day one

Relevant leadership track record, functional skills, and industry expertise may be Alexander’s edge over generic interim managers. It is his systematic approach to ensuring traction from day one, however, that makes his offering particularly effective.

Being careful to minimize additional load onto line managers and HR, Alexander has his own method of getting himself familiarized with the specific situation in a company, learning about the team and company context, and forging key relationships with team members and counterparties across the client’s firm.

Alexander focuses on people, structures, and processes. Drawing upon his experience he will arrive prepared end equipped with relevant, deep questions that maximize the time of his briefers.

Interim management assignments can be structured to conform to a client’s policies. Be that as a temporary employment contract or a mandate agreement.


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