Become a referral partner

Whether we are up to our eyes in client work or not: For a small service boutique such as, it is essential to continue to actively promote the offering.

One powerful referral from someone can potentially cut a significant amount of energy, money and time out of this process. And give us more time to focus on serving clients instead of trumpeting our own horn and filling our deal pipeline.

If you considered recommending us to someone who you know could benefit our skills and expertise, here’s another incentive: Alexander is happy to compensate you for it.

Become our referral partner in 4 easy steps

  1) Contact Alexander today 

Call Alexander at +41 76 376 70 70. Or send him an email at If you prefer to be contacted, please complete the form on this page and hit “Send”.

  2) Participate in an introduction call

During this call, Alexander will be happy to explain the referral program, its principles, and remuneration. Together, we will be able to determine the overlap between your network and our target client universe.

  3) Pass our due diligence checks and execute a referral agreement

We will conduct our due diligence to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between ourselves and the companies we target. Once this stage is concluded successfully, we will execute a referral agreement that defines the scope, duration and remuneration of the cooperation.

  4) Start referring

You are set to go. Monetize your network. As our referral partner, you will have full access to Alexander and the team for support. Need a short intro to We have it. Need an overview of our services or credentials? we are happy to help.

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We respect your privacy. Your information is safe with us.

Need more info? Please read our short Q&A.