You are well-respected as a hard-working specialist by your peers. Someone who keeps abreast of the latest skills and techiques. Let more patients know. 

We offer solutions for hospitals, HMOs, independent physicians, and other healthcare professionals who look to protect their profits, keep every stakeholder informed, and increase the number of loyal patients.

In most countries, acquiring new patients continues to be restricted by laws and ethical guidelines. At the same time, medical service providers face stiffer competition.

Cost-cutting initiatives and the adoption of new technologies are putting additional strain on the revenue models and cost structures of hospitals and medical doctors.

For years, general practitioners have faced stiff competition while managing a tight cost base. Nowadays, they are joined by specialists who never even though they would one day fight for bank financing in order to keep their practice equipment up to standards.

In this rough environment, it is crucial to cultivate a powerful yet discrete image that resonates with patients.

As a marketing pioneer in the early years of the internet, Alexander (the founder of advised hospitals on how to position themselves. In addition to his own industry experience, he has enjoyed privileged access to decades of industry experience, through his parents, who are retired medical doctors.

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