Agency solutions

Agency solutions

Win lucrative financial industry mandates against established peers.

Win lucrative financial industry mandates

Network and context analysis. Lead generation. Strategic prospecting and solution selling. Decision engineering.

Churn out content that connects financial industry players with your brand

Trend and context analysis. Systematic idea generation. Content audit and management. Content creation, (re-) structuring, distribution. Content marketing.

Position your agency as a financial services specialist.

Articulate an industry-specific value proposition

Corporate and product positioning. Digital and social media marketing. Message management. Public and media relations. Investor relations and issues management.

Launch a tailored offering faster and smoother

Market and competitor analysis. Product specification and design.

Prior to founding, Alexander was the Head of Marketing and Communications for a globally operating investment firm that focuses on venture capital and private equity. 

Prior to that, Alexander served as the COO of a hedge fund investment group. Before that, he was the Head of Marketing and held other senior roles at a leading UK listed investment firm.

In Law School, Alexander founded and ran a web agency. During the Internet 1.0 era, he co-founded and ran a digital marketing agency.

Throughout his subsequent 15-year career in the financial industry, Alexander represented the client side. He selected, briefed and coordinated PR and marketing agencies, designers, lawyers and other service providers.

Starting sell-side and then switching to the buy-side, Alexander identified common factors that led to some service providers consistently winning financial industry mandates. And others missing out, despite their global presence and brand recognition.

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The testimonials listed may include Alexander's various corporate functions. Full references can be provided upon request.

"While he professed to thrive in a trading atmosphere and downplayed his legal background, Mr. Antic effectively deployed his wide range of skills and experience in the financial, marketing and legal fields."
Globally operating hedge Fund Group
Chairman and CEO
".. demonstrated sound knowledge of the Alternative Investments industry and broad experience in the marketing field. As the industry is under close scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the media, his legal background and experience, particularly with FSA and Swiss Banking Regulations, ensured smooth cooperation with the Legal and Compliance departments in the firm."
FTSE-listed investment group
".. took responsibility to co/define and build a multi-strategy, multi-portfolio Cayman Islands product platform. Drawing upon resources within [company] and coordinating with external lawyers, the structure became operational in record time with substantial cost savings, and providing economies of scale."
Globally operating Hedge Fund Group
Chairman and CEO