I this article I argue that anyone who prides themselves on being process-driven and is performing repetitive work will soon face stiff competition from automation and machine learning, as they are being introduced in the financial services space. Imagine algorithms establishing specific client preferences from past investment patterns that autonomously […]

Global regulatory initiatives continue to be the single biggest strategy driver in the financial industry. The resulting consolidation and bifurcation into full-service asset gatherers and specialist alpha providers is well-documented. I argue that the implications to the field of marketing of financial products and services are an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, instead […]

Who thought five years ago that our parents would be adopting Facebook? And that they would be “pushing” future decision makers to Instagram and Snapchat, where the latter today are coordinating their entire social life. In this piece I argue that, what we ccurrently call “social media” is today’s way of communicating, interacting with friends, family […]