About antic.com

Our mission: Boost your revenue and help you grow profitably.

Our goal is to help clients in the financial services industry to increase their market presence and boost their revenue. 

And to contribute to the profitable growth of their business with interim management capabilities, and flexible operations outsourcing. 

We support small entrepreneurs and innovators. And we pledge to devote up to 10% of our time to charitable causes.

Focus on financial services. Based on real, hands-on functional experience.

Investment strategies and their underlying assets are complex, and the regulatory environment has a profound impact on market dynamics, structuring and distribution. Robo-advisory, blockchain, and other developments are shaking up the status quo.

We specialize on financial services and industries that interact closely with this industry. Unlike many others competing for its business, Alexander held various senior roles in the industry prior to launching antic.com.

antic.com’s offering is built on deep functional expertise in product development and structuring, marketing & communications, and client service. It draws from working on a hedge fund trading floor. From experience in performing operational due diligence on investment managers and counterparties. And from on-boarding clients as an AML representative.

Distributed team of specialists. Calibrated to your challenge. And budget.

antic.com is a venture by Alexander Antic, a Switzerland-based entrepreneur, marketer, and trained lawyer. In addition to acting as a consultant, Alexander personally manages a mandate team of specialists that are carefully selected to support him for each mandate. 

Such teams may include administrative resources, copywriters, and editors. Mandates with an analytic component may be staffed with data scientists and social media experts. Occasionally, designers, developers and even lawyers may be called in to support a mandate. Whenever the term ‘we’ is used on this site, it refers to this team. 

Often, a mandate team is spread across time zones. Together with technology and automation, such an operating structure enables antic.com to significantly increase its global reach, functional depth, and productivity for clients.

Alexander will always be the main contact for them. He believes that making himself personally available is essential to the success of antic.com. 

Deliberately rejecting scalability in this area creates a natural limit to the number of mandates that will be accepted simultaneously.

Projects, campaigns and daily operations. Across company stages.

Our sweet-spot are small and mid-market companies, or specialized units of large firms, in start-up, spin-off, growth, and turnaround situations. We aim for a good mix of both long-term assignments and project-based work, such as corporate actions, product launches and campaigns. Because we believe that we can perform exceptionally well for clients in those situations.

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Today, cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence, social platforms and the like appear to favour smaller players. Start-ups are chipping away at the foundations of entire industries. A few market players have reacted and are investing in ‘disruption from within’ initiatives to preserve their market position.

My quest is to make those capabilities accessible to small and medium sized companies. So they can punch above their weight when it comes to business development and back-office operations. 

While there are many specialized offerings that target a single aspect, I have not come across one solution that truly integrates all the parts into a coherent, resilient operating model that takes into account the budget pressures we all face today.

If you refuse to accept the fact that you have exhausted your revenue options, and worry that operational issues are distracting you from your core activities, then we should talk!